Zagreb, November 14th, 2013 - Josip Pavic, the golden water polo player at the London Olympics 2012 and with experience from the Beijing Olympics 2008, FINA’s (International Swimming Federation) 2012 male water polo athlete of the year, the winner of the world’s gold and three bronze, European gold and gold at the Mediterranean Games in Mersin 2013, is the new member of the Council and President of the Athletes’ Commission of the COC.

His predecessor in this position since 2009 was Gordan Kozulj, an excellent swimmer and four-time Olympian (Atlanta Olympics 1996, Sydney Olympics 2000, Athens Olympics 2004 and Beijing Olympics 2008), also a member of European Olympic Committees (EOC) Athletes’ Commission. During the recently ended Kozulj’s mandate the Athletes’ Forum - sponsored by the Croatian Olympic Committee - was held on October 4th and 5th in Porec. Along with athletes from 35 European Olympic Committees attending the Forum, many top names of Olympic sports participated in its work as well.
Search for perfect conditions of athlete’s training, competing, education, health, protection against doping, protection from all the forms of abuse and illegality in the sport, the goals that should be the civilization’s range of sports, education, law, health, culture and education as public services of the society – represented the major part of debate in the Forum. The participants of the Forum in Porec elected together the new European Commission, which will be led up to 2017 by table tennis player Jean Michel Saive from Belgium along with the members: Natalia Dobrynska (Ukraine/ pentathlon), Kate Walsh (UK/hockey), Daniel Gyurta (Hungary/swimming), Alessandra Sensini (Italy/windsurfing), Tatiana Lebedeva (Russia/long jump), Mikko Ronkainen (Finland/freestyle skiing) and Luiza Zlotkowska (Poland/ speed skating).