About the Croatian Olympic Committee


The Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) is the highest sports association in Croatia, founded on September 10, 1991 in Zagreb. Its mission is to permanently contribute to the promotion of sport as universal civilization heritage; spreading of Olympic principles, as well as ethical and moral standards in sport; creating the top sports achievements of the Croatian athletes; promotion of the Republic of Croatia as a democratic state; fair relationships among the participants in sport. The Croatian Olympic Committee has the task to protect the symbols of the Olympic Movement. It represents the Croatian sport before the International Olympic Committee and other international sports organizations.


The IOC granted the Croatian Olympic Committee outright recognition at its 101st Session, held in Monaco on 24 September 1993. Since 1995, the Croatian Olympic Committee has been marking 17 January, the date of the provisional recognition by the IOC, as the Great Day of Croatian Sport.  The first President of the Croatian Olympic Committee was Antun Vrdoljak (1991 – 2000), who was appointed to the IOC at its 104th Assembly in Budapest in 1995.


The Croatian Olympic Committee is a full member of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), the European Olympic Committees (EOC), the International Mediterranean Games Committee (ICMG) and the European Non-Governmental Sports Organizations (ENGSO).


The Croatian Olympic Committee is the founder of the Croatian Olympians Club (1993), the Croatian Olympic Academy (1996), the Sports Arbitration Council and Sports Arbitration Tribunal (1999), and the co-founder of the European Fair Play Movement (1994), the Croatian Athletes Foundation (2006), the Croatian Fair-Play Committee (2006), the Female Sports Coordinators Network (2006) and a number of other organizations belonging to the Croatian and international Olympic movement.


Presidents of COC

Statute of COC - 2016