PyeongChang, February 7, 2018 - Croatian residents of the Olympic Village in PyeongChang on Wednesday were happy- they raised the national tricolor flag on a mast. The hosts of the Winter Olympics (February 9 - 25, 2018)welcomed the Croatian delegation and wished successful performance to our Olympians at the Games.


At this mini-ceremony, the Chief of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Mission at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Damir Šegota, handed over to the "mayor" of the Olympic Village Ryu Seung Min the occasional gifts from Croatia.

- The hosts are really giving their best at every step to make it all work perfectly. For now, they deserve all the praises, we have not faced any major problems. I believe this will be the great Games, despite the very cold weather, "said Šegota.

The ceremony was attended by numerous Croatian Olympians - bobsleigh, cross country and luge representatives, as well as volunteers taking care of our team. Representatives of the Olympic delegations from Spain, Lithuania, Madagascar and Estonia joined as well. After adapting to the Korean winter, our Olympians will continue their training and preparations for the Olympic Games’ Opening Ceremony on February 9.