Zagreb, February 5, 2018 - The largest group of our female and male athletes, led by our greatest ski hopes, departed from Zagreb airport Franjo Tuđman Airport to the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang (February 9-25, 2018).

This part of the Croatian Olympic Team includes Leona Popović, Ida Štimac and Lana Zbašnik (Andrea Komšić will join them in South Korea flying t from the USA), Filip Zubčić and Natko Zrnčić Dim. Among them was the legendary skier Ivica Kostelić, who said on the eve of the departure:
"I am feeling a bit odd now. Before the eve of the Winter Olympics, I felt a positive nervousness, now I lack it completely... What would I say to our representatives in the PyeongChang? That they must fully concentrate on their own performances. Winter Olympics last relatively long and young athletes need to keep focus on their performances.
The women's skiing trio readily stand in front of the camera and their common message for Winter Olympics is that it is a great honor to represent Croatia at the said competition and that they will, of course, give their best.
Filip Zubčić, proclaimed by many as our greatest hope in PyeongChang:
- Winter Olympics are held every four years, so maybe the favorite such as Hirscher, who is racking up the World Cup, bear a bit more pressure. For me, it is a competition like any other. Of course, there are always surprises and outsiders can achieve good results. I'll participate in Alpine Combined, Slalom, Giant slalom and Super G and l probably will not run the Downhill in order to get proper rest for the Alpine Combined.
Four-time-Olympic Champion Natko Zrnčić Dim is not happy with the World Cup the season and at the Winter Olympics he has announced his participation in fast-paced disciplines, recalling also his role of the Croatian flag bearer at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony:
"It is a great feeling to carry a flag. I remember walking with Ivica while he was bearing it and now I have that honor. I hope all of us who are going to the Winter Olympics will represent Croatia in the best light.
After a part of the Olympic delegation departed in the first group (with bobsleighers, Nordic skiers and female luger some members of the Olympic delegation - comprised of coaches, service men and medical staff - headed to the Olympic Games in Pyongyang as well, along with the ski Olympians.
Other representatives will depart later - brothers Samuel and Elias Kolega on February 11 from Zagreb, Matej Vidović and Istok Rodeš on February 17 from Zurich. Legendary Ante Kostelić Gips travels on Tuesday and our greatest Olympian, Janica Kostelić, on Thursday.