Tokyo, 23 July 2021 - If the folk wisdom saying that morning shows the day is true, one can state that Tokyo Olympics started well for the Croatian athletes. The first of our athletes to compete there was the Single Scull rower Damir Martin and his opening appearance at the Sea Forest Waterway track ended in victory, in a routine way, with race control from start to finish.

To be honest, most of Martin's rivals were from countries we consider exotic in terms of rowing and only Russia's Vyazovkin was able to match the defender of silver medal from Rio 2016. Damir Martin is pleased with his first appearance, especially due to the fact that in the existing competition he managed to save his strength for the stronger challenges ahead.

- I'm very happy with the race, from the first stroke to 1000 meters I did exactly everything I planned. The second part of the track was pure power-saving and calculation for further performances. I'm optimistic to move on and I can't wait for another race - said Martin.

The favorites in other groups easily triumphed as well, such as the most realistic Olympic gold candidate Germany's Zeidler, Denmark's Nielsen, Norway's Borch...

Single Scull quarterfinal races are scheduled for 26 July from 9 a.m. (2 a.m. Croatian time).

RESULTS of qualifying races, Men’s Single Sculls, Heat 5: 1. D. MARTIN (CRO) 7:09.17, 2. A. Vyazovkin (ROC) 7:14.95, 3. C. Nievarez (PHI) 7:22.97, 4. F. Potoy (NCA) 7:32.54, 5. P. Hinkati (BEN) 7:40.87. (coc/vk)