RIO DE JANEIRO, August 16, 2016 (Hina/Hoo) - On the tenth day of competing at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Croatian Olympic Handball and Basketball Team Rio 2016 have won, with their victories, the first places within their groups, Sandra Perković advanced to the Discus Throw finals and the sailor rested due to the wind.

The World's Best Female Discus Throw and current Olympic Champion Sandra Perković advanced to the finals of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, after a dramatic qualifying round by throwing discus at 64.81 meters. The norm for the finals amounted to 62 meters, and Sandra filled the norm yet in the last, the third attempt after the first two attempts were unsuccessful. The competition was held in the rain and cold, and after the first series it was interrupted for half an hour due to heavy rain. In her first attempt Sandra hit the net, and in the second attempt she threw the disc out of the segment. Yet in the last attempt she filled the norm and advanced to the finals. In Rio de Janeiro Sandra is defending gold from London, but so far only one woman in the history managed to defend the Olympic gold medal in Discus Throw – Evelin Jahl of Germany, who has won gold in 1976 in Montreal and four years later in Moscow

In the last match of the Basketball Tournament’s first part, the Croatian Olympic Basketball Team Rio 2016 defeated Lithuania with 90-81, winning thus the first place in the group and in the quarterfinals they will play against Serbia. On the eve of the Olympic Games, one was wishing for advancement to the quarterfinals, but Croatia – in the company of bronze medalists and current European Champions - Spain, European Vice-Champions - Lithuania, the host Brazil and almost always unpleasant Argentina - sensationally managed to win the first place in the group. Croatia has now opened the way to the finals, because its part of the draw has no American 'Dream Team'. Croatia was led to the great victory by Bojan Bogdanović with 22 goals, Krunoslav Simon with 19 goals, 10 rebounds and four assists, Dario Šarić with 18 goals and six rebounds and Darko Planinić with 10 goals, while in Lithuanian team the most effective were Mantas Kalnietis with 26 and Paulius Jankunas with 18 goals.

The Croatian Olympic Handball Team Rio 2016 has taken the first place in the group after defeating Tunisia in last round match with 41-26 (25-10) and in the quarterfinals our team will play against Poland. Croatia secured its advancement into the quarterfinals even before the match against Tunisia and - after France defeated Denmark in the last round - it was clear that the Croatian handball players can be the first or second in the group. The first place in the group led in quarterfinals to Poland, while the second was leading to the host - Brazil.

Our team was led to victory by Karačić with nine goals, and Ilija Brozović, Marko Mamić and Ivan Čupić with five goals each, while in Tunisian team, the the most efficient were Oussama Boughanmi with seven and Mohamed Soussi with five goals. So, after the starting defeat by Qatar, Croatia achieved four victories (Argentina, Denmark, France, Tunisia), ending the performance within the group in the first place. Team members selected by Željko Babić are shall next compete against Poland, which did not achieve a good impression in Rio – within the group, Poland lost to Brazil, Germany and Slovenia, and defeated Egypt and Sweden. The Polish team certainly still remembers the heavy defeat of 14 points (23-37), which we achieved against them in January this year at the European Championships.

However, Tonči Stipanović and Croatian sailing could not celebrate the historic first Olympic medal in Sailing on Monday, because - due to lack of wind - the race committee postponed the race for medals in Men’s Laser and scheduled it for Tuesday.
Besides Stipanović, the Croatian sailing in Rio has so far the Šime Fantela/Igor Marenić’s first place in Men’s 470 and third place of Ivan Kljaković Gašpić in Men’s Finn. The race for medals in Men’s Laser will be held on Tuesday, at 7 p.m. Croatian time, Kljaković-GAšpić will also participate in the race for medals, while our crew in Men’s 470 could also provide a medal, maybe even a gold one.