RIO DE JANEIRO, August 13, 2016 (Hina) – Croatian rower Damir Martin is the winner of silver medal in Men’s Single Sculls at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, after being beaten in a photo-finish by the defending Olympic champion Mahe Drysdale from New Zealand, while the Czech Republic’s Ondřej Synek, three-time consecutive World Champion, has won bronze.

In the final race, Martin took an early lead, leading the first 1300 meters in order be beaten at that point by Drysdale who did great the central part of the race. With the last 500 meters to go, Drysdale had 80 hundredths of a second advantage over Martin, and this 28-year-old Vukovar native fought back and with a last lunge appeared to have edged it with Drysdale, having thus the title decided by a photo finish.

Drysdale and Martin crossed the line at the same time, and the additional review footage resulted in awarding the gold medal to the 37-year-old New Zealander.



1. Mahe Drysdale (NZ) 6:41.34
2. DAMIR MARTIN (CRO) 6:41.34
3. Ondřej Synek (CZECH REPUBLIC) 6:44.10 4. Hannes Obreno (BELGIUM) 6:47.42 5. Stanislav Scherbachenya (BELARUS) 6:48.78 6. Ángel Fournier Rodriguez (CUBA) 6:55.90