RIO DE JANEIRO, August 11, 2016 (Hina) - Now nobody can tell us that we do not have Olympic gold, which we were hardly waiting for four years after the silver medal in London, said Valent Sinković.

The Sinković brothers barely managed to get through the rowing center Lagoa, receiving numerous congratulations by their opponents, judges and spectators, and their popularity in the world of rowing is truly amazing. Immediately after their victory, Italian colleague Stefano Verglliessi approached the Croatian journalists, highlighting that he originates from the island of Krk and that four generations ago his last name was Sinkovich.

Valent and Martin delighted the Croatian journalists with their simplicity.

"We are not looking for any change in our lives, except in the sports section. Now we finally have gold, the silver from London was not enough, and now I will be more peaceful because I have achieved what I wanted. We want to continue rowing, we will defend the gold for sure in Tokyo, and maybe even longer", said Martin.

"We'll celebrate tonight for sure, but the right celebration awaits us in Zagreb with family and friends. Now it all looks easy, we were favorites and we haven’t lost 30 races in a row, but there is so much sacrifice necessary for achieving this. Many do not even know that in the last part of the preparations Valent suffered from ruptured leg muscle and I had ruptured intercostal muscle, which is very painful. I remembered of all the injuries and hard times, and that's why I cried after the race. Valent usually needs fifteen minutes to catch his breath after the race, and now he got out of the boat immediately. So, we have a lot of spare energy, this is not our maximum", continued Martin.

The Sinković brothers admitted they cannot wait to go cheer the other athletes, especially basketball players and Ćilić as well as the boxer Filip Hrgović, with whom they are good friends.