Zagreb, 26 July (Sptv) - For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games and their coverage in Croatia, Croatian spectators will be able to watch all sports from the Olympic Games in London.


In addition to the Croatian and Radio Television, the Sports Television will cover live eight sports - field hockey, archery, badminton, diving, synchronized swimming, modern pentathlon, beach volleyball and fencing in which the Croatian representative, Bojan Jovanovic, will take part.


The Sports Television will provide live coverage based on the signing of the contract between the Sports Television and the Croatian and Radio Television that in March invited tenders for the sale of unused TV rights for the Olympic Games in London.


Owing to the participation of the Sports Television in the coverage of the competition, the London 2012 Olympic Games will be the best covered Olympic Games in the history of our country in terms of the realised TV coverages of sports events. In this way, in addition to Germany, Croatia will become one of a few countries in the world that can take pride in providing free coverage of all sports at one edition of the Olympic Games to its spectators.


Bojan Jovanović is the only Croatian Olympic team member that could be seen on the Sports Television but he interrupts seventy-six years long absence of Croatian fencing at the Olympic Games (fencing is one of nine sports represented as back as at the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens but Croatian fencers have not competed since 1936).


Programme Scheme and Sports Television Journalist Team

Every day the Sports Television will broadcast at least 12 hours of programme dedicated to the London Olympic Games.
Every day the programme Games Live starts at 10 a.m. and lasts until midnight during the pauses of all broadcasts. This is for the first time that something like this could be seen at Croatian TV stations.
Studio show London Stories will be broadcast three times a day and will feature daily highlights as well as the interesting stories from London and the Croatian Hospitality House. The distinguished guests, former Olympic team members, coaches, sports officials and some of our Olympic team members who have finished their competition will be invited to the studio.
The last London Stories of the day are broadcast from 0:55 to 1.30 a.m. They are followed by the replays of the interesting contests that day which means that the Olympic programme at the Sports Television will last all night. It will end at the earliest on the first day (3.30 a.m.)
The production of everyday stories about the Croatian athletes in London, reporting from the Croatian Hospitality House and London streets and the preparation of the information related to the Olympic Games is entrusted to the team composed of seven employees of the Sports Television, three journalists, two cameramen and two editors.
The Sports Television journalist team is led by the well-known expert Jura Ozmec, accompanied by Igor Ćurković and Daniel Lacko.
The hosts Bojana Manojlović, Iva Milanović Litre, Andrea Lovrinčević, Ivan Princivali and Gordan Gabrovec will report in the London Stories from the Sports Television studio.
In order to familiarize the TV viewers with the Olympic Games and provide the spectators who plan to go London with useful information, the Sports Television team conceived a special TV show through London - London Calling.
Siniša Hajduk and Marin Šarec spent a week in London and produced the interesting stories for Croatian fans how to get around in London, how to find the sports arenas, where to stay, how to use public transportation and what sights to see during their stay in London.
You could watch this at the Sports Television from 23 July and two days later, on 25 July, all could be seen in London Calling.