ZAGREB, July 2, 2016 (Hina) - In memory of July 2, 1924, when the Paris-based International Sports Press Association (Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive, AIPS) was founded, today we are celebrating the World Sports Journalists Day.


"This Saturday, in the middle of the European Football Championships, just a bit more than a month before the Rio Olympics, we will stop for a moment, wish each other better working conditions, that sports clubs and individuals are more open to us and, in the end, to have higher salaries. Many will, unfortunately, wish for any salary, because the situation in our beautiful country shows a continuation of the disappointing decline curve in the number of employees in journalism, and thus in sports journalism as well", wrote in the occasional congratulatory message the President of the Croatian Sports Journalists Association Jura Ozmec.


Ozmec highlights that this year the Croatian sports journalists were again both the promoters and the holders of initiative aimed at putting an end to hooliganism at the sports arenas.


"Not all of us, because there were those who relativized and wanted to justify the throwing of a bomb (even a smoke bomb) into the football field as a sort of revolt against the individuals in the alliance.
However, the most important is that most of us, as well as the general public and the entire Croatia, have chosen the direction showing that we are against barbarism, against uncivilized behavior and that we are all part of the wish that this does not follow the Croatian athletes, in any sports discipline.


It is an excellent beginning for all of us who wish to move and activate Croatia, so that the country gets that we are not just some side-scribblers, but people who very much understand the problems, people who know and who can participate in solving them. We cannot be a key tab on the scales, but can be an important part of the campaign for a better and more beautiful Croatian sports. Not alone, but we must and can be an essential part of the unique action of athletes, federations, schools, police, judiciary, the country and all those who want it. Of course, it is our duty to point out the anomalies in clubs and federations, lacks in existing laws that are effective in the Croatian sports and the individuals who are sending - through sports - a negative image of Croatia around the world. And we cannot forget that sport is something beautiful, so let's write something nice about these gorgeous things. The things are not as bad as they seem", says the congratulatory message of the President of the Croatian Sports Journalists Association.