Tarragona, June 30, 2018 - On the previous day of the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, the fifth gold medal for Croatia was won by Veseli Luka Radonić in the discipline of a lawful single on a semi-rigid 1000 m.

At the Olympic canal near Barcelona (Canal Olimpic de Catalunya), our best Lightweight Sincle Sculls rower celebrated the victory over the second-placed Portuguese Pedro Fraga (almost half a second behind Luka) and over the third-placed Greek Spyridon Christos Giannaros (almost two seconds behind Luka).
The evening before the final race, in the Croatian Mission one could often hear a joke about two Croats standing on the winning pedestal as winners in the same discipline. The joke referred to the Slovene Lightweight Single Sculls rower Rajko Hrvat (surname meaning Croat) who was fifth in the Finals.
- Concerning the competition in the Finals, only Rajko and I have not been part of the Olympic Finals, which speaks enough that the competition should not been underestimate. I started the race well and after 600 meters I decided to go to the end. And it was worth it. This 1000m race was an interesting challenge, compared to the classic 2000 meters, it felt like a sprint race where you have to give the last atom of power - said Luka Radonić.
Radonić's coach Krešimir Petrović briefly added:
- This return to winning podiums will psychologically mean a lot to Luka, with addition of gold medal in the competition of some of the finest European and World Lightweight Single Sculls...
Our representative in Women’s Single Sculls, Josipa Jurković, took the fourth place in Women's Singles Finals in the competition of five finalists. But entering the Finals in her debut performance in Women’s Singles, was itself a satisfying result for this member of the crew - last year’s Junior Champions in Coxless Four.
Results: Men’s Lightweight Single Sculls 1. RADONIĆ (CRO) 3: 22.584, 2. Fraga (Por) 3: 23.004, 3. Giannaros (Greece) 3: 24.415, 4. Goretti (Ita) 3: 25.320, 5. Hrvat (Slo) 3: 25,673; Women’s Single Sculls: 1. Nikolaidou (Greece) 3:43.763, 2. Tontodanati (Ita) 3:47.36, 3. Diaz Rivas (Spain) 3:50.468, 4. JURKOVIĆ (CRO) 3:58.399, 5. Fernandes Figueiredo (Por) 4:07.616. (COC/vk)