Tarragona, June 26, 2018 - Croatian weightlifter Amar Musić won a gold medal at the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona. In a very respectable competition, Musić managed to lift – in his category – the cleand an jerk lift - hundred kilograms more than his own weight.

He lifted the winning 185 kg in the last, third round, by beating the second-placed Tunisian Ramsi Bahlouli, until that moment the leader in the final group, for one kilogram. The bronze went to Greece's Dimitrios Aslanidis who lifted 183 kilograms.


- Regarding the competition, the best trio would end up on the winning podium at the European Championships - said the happy coach of our best weightlifter, Boško Čavka.


In the Snatch discipline, Musić took the fourth place. He stopped at 146 kilograms, five less than the bronze-winner Bahlouli. The Italian Cristiano Giuseppe Ficco won the first place by lifting 153 kilograms.
This is the fourth medal of Croatian female and male athletes at the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, and the first gold medal. Silver was won by karateka Enes Garibović and bronze by the wrestlers Božo Starčević and Ivan Lizatović. (COC/vk)