Tarragona, June 25, 2018 - On the fourth day of competing at the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona (June 22 – July 1), the Croatian athletes won two bronze medals, both in Greco-Roman Wrestling.

Ivan Lizatović won bronze without a fight. The Moroccan Anwar Tango forfeited the match for the third place in the category of 60 kg. Božo Starčević also won bronze in the category of 77 kg without fighting after his opponent, also Moroccan, Zied Aït Ougram forfeited the match. In fight for bronze, Ivan Huklek was defeated by Greek Dimitrios Tsekeridis and ended his performance at the Mediterranean Games in the fifth place.
After being left without Head Coach Igor Lovrinov (irrevocable resignation and return to Croatia on Sunday), our female volleyball team had somewhat sensationally defeated France with 3-1 (22-25, 25-19, 25-21, 25-19). The two most talented players - Sanja Gamma (ex-Popović) and Samanta Fabris - have "took on" the most, but according to the interim Head Coach, the successful debutant Frane Žanić, the congratulations go to all the players. In three days, they will play in the Quarterfinals against Portugal. According to Sanja Gamma - a passing obstacle. Our male volleyball team also entered the Quarterfinals, but with the help of the French that overcame the Algerians (3-1). In two days, the Croatian team will play in the Quarterfinals against the strong Italians...

Only our Fencing hope Paula Jukić failed to take higher than 9th place, while the golfer Marko Stepinac, after the first day of competing, took the the 28th place with five more rivals.
With a convincing first place in the group, the swimmer Anton Louie Lončar entered the Finals in Men’s 200m Backstroke, which he has finished fourth, with a second behind for the Greek Christou, winner of bronze. Nikola Obrovac was the third-placed for the Finals in Men’s 50m Breaststroke, while in the fight for the medals he took the sixth place. He can certainly find comfort in the fact that the the first six swimmers placed within half a second of the difference.
Neither our swimmers with disabilities have been able to win a medal. By winning the fourth place, Dario Burić entered the Finals in Men’s 100m Freestyle (S10) and in the Finals he took the sixth place out of eight contestants. Matej Petrlić placed sixth in his qualifying group, insufficient for the Finals. In the Finals (direct qualifications) in Women’s 100 m Freestyle (S10,) Paula Novina finished in the last, seventh place.
Tuesday brings new opportunities for medals, primarily in Gymnastics, because in the Gymnastics All-round Finals we have two great aces - Robert Seligman and Matija Baron, both in Pommel Horse.
A big challenge is also ahead of our weightlifter Amar Musić (85 kg), who will try to win the medals in both Weightlifting disciplines – Clean & Jerk and Snatch.
The Boxing competitions are also starting and the first one in the ring will be Petar Cetinić (category up to 69 kg) with Adem Fetahović from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
For now, Croatia has three medals (silver and two bronze), but as the Mediterranean Games continues, we expect a greal improvement on the medals table. On Tuesday, a large group of as many as 39 female and male athletes is leaving Tarragona and new hopes from Bowls, Athletics, Taekwondo and Rowing are arriving. (COC/vk)