Tarragona, June 23, 2018 - Although Saturday was only the second competition day there was a wealth of medals at the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona. By gaining silver in the category of -75 kg, the karateka Enes Garibović ensured that Croatia starts filling the medal record list of countries, currently led by Italy and Spain.

Garibović has first beaten the Italian Jendoubi (3-2), then French Relifox (3-1), but missed the gold after the referee outvoting in the final fight with Turkey’s Eltemur (0-0). Unfortunately, Ana Lenard did not succeed in winning a medal in the category of up to 61kg, where where she was defeated by Italian Lallo in fight for a bronze medal.

- In a fairly strong competition, Enes was close to gold, but we are also very pleased with both silver and the fact that it is the first medal for Croatia at these Mediterranean Games – said the coach Esad Garibović.
Tomorrow (on Sunday), our hopes will be the karatekas Ana-Marija Bujas Čelan and Ivan and Anđelo Kvesić.
We will have two aces for medals on Sunday in 200 and 500 m Kayak Finals (K-1). With Saturday performances, Anamaria Govorčinović and Antun Novaković managed to enter two Finals each, but they were certainly more convincing in 500 meters.
In Trap, Sunday morning brings the shooters to the quarterfinals, and in the afternoon the "shooting" for medals will take place. Our Olympic duo - Glasnović and Cernogoraz - are not very satisfied with Saturday's points, but they hope to enter the Finals. Along with them, the Air Rifle 10 m (Pejčić, Perec, Čerina and Petanjek) is starting as well...

In team sports, all our female and male representatives made their début. The male handball team overcame Italy 30-26 (Jaganjac 8 goals), and a day later they will compete against Algeria. The male volleyball team was defeated by France 0-3 (19, 22, 20) and they have a match against Algiers to repair the damage. In the match full of oscillations, the female volleyball team took victory over Albania, 3-0 (-21, -19, -19), but still they are at a great loss. After the match, the Head Coach Igor Lovrinov resigned and he is returning to Croatia. He only briefly stated the reasons for this act:
- The team does not react to me, we are not on the same wavelength, this situation did not happen yesterday but persists for a long time. It is better to stop it now than to continue something that does not work...
According to the instructions from the Croatian Volleyball Federation, the women's National Volleyball Team will be coached by “teamleader” Frane Žanić until the end of the Mediterranean Games.
The gymnasts successfully completed the first qualifying day. Concerning the All-round Finals, more precisely - the Pommel Horse, Robert Seligman won second place and Matija Baron the seventh place, entering thus the Finals that are scheduled for June 26.
Our archers Alen Remar and Matija Mihalić finished the Men’s Individuals 70m at the 7th and 9th place, which are solid achievements in the competition of 40 contestants from 17 countries. The swimmer Anton Louie Lončar was the second from the last, i.e. thesixth, in the qualifying race in Men’s 50m Backstroke, and the triathlete Luka Paliska finished his performance by taking the 11th place in his very demanding sports discipline. (COC/vk)