Tarragona, June 20, 2018 - The Croatian tricolored flag was officially below the central stand of the Nou Estadi di Tarragona Stadium, where the XVIII Mediterranean Games will be opened in two days.

It is interesting that our flag was the first (of 26 participating countries) flattering at the competition site in Tarragona, attended by some twenty athletes and members of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC). Head of the Croatian Olympic Committee Mission, Damir Šegota handed the host the occasional gift and then, along with the sounds of Our Beautiful Homeland / Lijepa naša domovino, the Croatian national anthem, rather suppressed by children’s cries from the nearby amusement park, the Croatian flag was raised on the flagpole.

During the ten-day competitions (June 22 – July 1), 99 athletes from 23 sports and sports disciplines will represent Croatia in Tarragona. Total of 3622 athletes in 33 sports will compete at the Games. Among 26 different nations, the most numerous are Italians (419), followed by the host - Spanish (396), Turks (365) and French (310).

Tarragona (82 kilometers south of Barcelona) is the most prestigious tourist destination of Catalonia (and Spain), so everything there is subordinated to the above-mentioned lucrative economic branch. Despite the fact that the Mediterranean Games were postponed for a year, there are too many issues and improvisations in terms of organization. (COC/vk)