Zagreb, April 18, 2018 - The eighteenth edition of the Mediterranean Games, a multi-sports competition of athletes coming from three continents, recognized with all its specialties from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as well, will be held from June 22 to July 1this year in the Catalan city of Tarragona (Spain).

The interesting thing about this event lies in the fact that it was supposed to take place from June 30 to July 9, 2017, but because of the unstable political circumstances and the unhealthy economic situation in Spain, with the approval of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (ICMG), it has been postponed for one year. This disturbed again the four-year rhythm of the Mediterranean Games, which will gather around 4000 athletes and athletes from 26 countries in 33 sport disciplines. Tarragona and its surroundings will be completely subordinated to the Games - sports venues, accommodation and supporting facilities are deployed in as many as 16 resorts on its territory. Apart from athletes and professional staffs of individual teams, there will be around 1000 judges, approximately as many as media representatives and more than 3500 volunteers participating in the organization of the Games.
It is estimated that the Mediterranean Games will be watched live by around 150,000 spectators, despite the fact that at the same time the FIFA World Cup Football, the most popular sport in Catalonia and Spain in general, is to be held in Russia.

According to the current number of applications, the Croatian sports delegation will count at the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona around 100 contestants (34 female and 66 male athletes) in 24 sports and sports disciplines. Most representatives will be in Indoor Volleyball, with male and female national team (12 + 12) and one pair in Beach Volleyball. In team competition, only our handball players will play, and the number of hundred-odd athletes includes (2 + 1) Paralympic swimmers. (coc/vk)