Lausanne, January 22, 2020 - The third edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games was completed in Lausanne with a ceremonial parade of participants and handing over the flag to the representatives of the next host of the Games. Among more than 900 female and male athletes from 76 countries around the world, at the closing ceremony of the Winter Youth Olympics were also the Croatian representatives, with 17-year-old speed skater Maja Ivandić as flag-bearer of the Croatian national tricolor.

IOC President Thomas Bach, accompanied by the Head of the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020 Organizing Committee Virginie Faivre, declared the Games closed, thanking in particular the group of around 3800 volunteers who made the Winter Youth Olympics 2020 impeccable in terms of organization. Bach invited young female and male athletes to the fourth edition of Winter Youth Olympic Games in South Korea's city of Gangwon in 2024.

For the first time at the Winter Youth Olympics in Lausanne, the number of male and female athletes was equal, with a total of 1880 participating athletes, aged 15 to 18 (from 76 countries), demonstrating their skills in 16 sports. Croatia was represented by 10 athletes in six sports: Tvrtko Ljutić (Alpine Skiing), Doris Barićevac, Sven Kuprešak and Nika Jagečić (Biathlon), Toni Nimac (Monobob), Luka Banek (Ice Hockey 3x3), Maja Ivandić and Stribor Suman (Speed Skating), Tena Hadžić, Petar Perušić and again Nika Jagečić (Cross-Country Skiing).
The only medal - bronze, was won by hockey player Luka Banek, but in the jersey of the nationally mixed Brown team. Skier Tvrtko Ljutić was closest to winning the individual Olympic medal at the Winter Youth Olympics, but it stayed out of his reach for 13 hundredths of a second, and he finished the Slalom event by taking the fifth place. (COC/VK)