Lausanne, January 15, 2020 - Croatian hockey player in the version 3x3, Luka Banek (born in 2005 in Zagreb), won a bronze medal at the third Winter Youth Olympics in Lausanne and St. Moritz (January 9-22). In the battle for 3rd place, the nationally mixed Brown team, in which Banek was playing, defeated the Black team 6-5. This is the first medal won by a Croatian male or female athlete at the Winter Youth Olympics, and the "brown" hockey team consisted of players from 12 other states or national Olympic committees (Men's Mixed NOC Team 3-on-3).

Together with Banek, bronze went to: Sai Lake (Australia), Hugo Galvez (France), Chu Xi Elvis Hsu (Hong Kong), Axel Ruski-Jones (New Zealand), Marlon Dacunto (Germany), Erik Potsinok (Estonia), Evan Nauth (United Kingdom), Artur Seniut (Lithuania), Matyas Sapovaliv (Czech Republic), Milan Ivady (Hungary), Rastislav Elias (Slovakia) and Sebastian Aarsund (Norway).
Gold was won by the Green team, silver by the Red team and Croatian coach Marko Valenčić, who was leading the Yellow team, remained in the consolation ranking from 5th to 8th place.
Now there will be two free days for Croatian young male and female Olympians, and on Saturday (January 18), our representatives will compete in Cross-Country Skiing and Speed Skating on short tracks. (COC/VK)