European Games Baku 2015

European Games (EG) - multi-sports competition of athletes from countries whose National Olympic Committees are members of the European Olympic Committees (EOC), including the Croatian Olympic Committee – were established on December 8th 2012, at the 41st Session of the EOC in Rome, and the Games will be held every four years, in the pre-Olympic year.

The city that hosted the first, historical EG Baku 2015, held from June 12th to June 28th 2015, was Baku (Azerbaijan).

Thee program of the Games, attended by six thousand competitors, comprised 22 sports disciplines: athletics, badminton, cycling (cycling BMX, cycling road, cycling mountain bike), boxing, gymnastics (acrobatic, aerobic, artistic, rhythmic, trampoline), wrestling (freestyle and Greco-Roman), judo, canoe sprint (still water), karate, basketball (3x3), fencing, soccer, volleyball (indoor and beach volleyball), swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, table tennis, archery, shooting, taekwondo, triathlon and water polo.

  • Maša Martinović (karate, +68 kg)
    1.mjesto   Sport: Karate   Natjecanje: EI Baku 2015
  • Jelena Kovačević (karate, -55kg)
    2.mjesto   Sport: Karate   Natjecanje: EI Baku 2015
  • Ana Zaninović (taekwondo, -57 kg)
    2.mjesto   Sport: Taekwondo   Natjecanje: EI Baku 2015
  • Petar Gorša (streljaštvo, trostav 50m)
    2.mjesto   Sport: Streljaštvo   Natjecanje: EI Baku 2015
  • Nikola Obrovac (plivanje, 50 m prsno)
    2.mjesto   Sport: Plivanje   Natjecanje: EI Baku 2015
  • Ana Lenard (karate, -61 kg)
    3.mjesto   Sport: Karate   Natjecanje: EI Baku 2015
  • Lucija Zaninović (taekwondo, -49kg)
    3.mjesto   Sport: Taekwondo   Natjecanje: EI Baku 2015
  • Iva Radoš (taekwondo, +67kg)
    3.mjesto   Sport: Taekwondo   Natjecanje: EI Baku 2015
  • Dominik Etlinger (hrvanje, 71kg)
    3.mjesto   Sport: Hrvanje   Natjecanje: EI Baku 2015
  • Vedran Golec (taekwondo, +80kg)
    3.mjesto   Sport: Taekwondo   Natjecanje: EI Baku 2015
  • Josip Bepo Filipi (boks, -91 kg)
    3.mjesto   Sport: Boks   Natjecanje: EI Baku 2015

Croatia has won 11 medals: one gold, four silver and six bronze medals.


GOLD: Maša Martinović (karate, +68 kg)

BAKU, June 29th, 2015 (Hina/Croatian Olympic Committee) – President of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) Zlatko Mateša expressed his satisfaction with the performance of Croatian athletes at the 1st European Games in Baku as well as with the very project in which he was one of the leading men.

BAKU, June 28th, 2015 (Hina/Croatian Olympic Committee) – After 16 days of competitions, the ending of the 1st European Games was marked with a spectacular Closing Ceremony held at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, in front of 64 000 spectators.