1st Mediterranean Beach Games Pescara 2015
August 28th – September 6th 2015


Following the decision of the ICMG General Assembly, held on June 19th 2013, the international multi-sports event – the Mediterranean Beach Games was founded. These Games, that concern solely the beach and water sports, shall be organized every four years, two years after the Mediterranean Games. The host of the first Mediterranean Beach Games is the city of Pescara (Italy) which has experience as the host of the Mediterranean Games in 2009.


The first Mediterranean Beach Games Pescara 2015 will welcome the athletes from 24 countries: Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Slovenia, San Marino, Serbia, Syria, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.


According to the Croatian nomenclature, there will be competitions in 11 sports and sport branches; Aquathlon, Beach Volleyball, Open Water (long-distance) Swimming, Beach Handball, Beach Wrestling, Rowing Beach Sprint, Beach Soccer, Fin Swimming, Water Ski, Beach Tennis and Canoe Ocean Racing.


Croatian athletes, 14 of them, led by the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Olympic program Office, in cooperation with national sports federations, will participate in the following sports: Beach Volleyball (6), Open Water Swimming (3), Rowing Beach Sprint (2) and Fin Swimming (3).