Winter Youth Olympic Games

Lausanne, January 9, 2020 – The third Winter Youth Olympic Games that take place from January 9 to 22, 2020 in Lausanne and St. Moritz, were officially opened with the ceremony held at the Vaudoise Arena in Lausanne, Switzerland, before 8,000 spectators. A total of 1880 female athletes from 79 countries, aged 15-18, participated in 16 sports. During the ceremonial march to Lausanne, the Croatian flag-bearer was biathlete and cross-country skier Nika Jagečić.


Innsbruck 2012 Youth Olympic Winter Games

From 13 to 22 January 2012 Innsbruck and Seefeld played host to the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games, which saw 1,058 athletes aged 14 to 18 from over 70 nations compete in 63 sporting competitions and, together with youngsters from the local region, took part in a one-of-akind Culture & Education Programme. The idea behind this mixture of sport and culture is to support young people in their personal and sporting development and to raise their interest in the Olympic Values.

Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Winter Games