Zagreb, 11 April 2022 - At the 31st session of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Council, held under the leadership of the Head of the NOC of Croatia Zlatko Mateša, the decision was accepted on establishment of the Center for Research and Development of Top Sports Preparation (CIRSP), which will represent the added value of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s role in the development of our top sports.

The establishment of CIRSP, in partnership of the Croatian Olympic Committee and the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb, is aimed at improving scientific-professional and information-technological support in the preparation of our best female and male athletes and teams for performances at the most important international competitions. Former Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb Prof. PhD Igor Jukić gave an impressive presentation with a study on the CIRSP and was unanimously elected its first Head.

Among other current issues, the decision to call a competition for the Milan Neralić Prize awarded annually by the Croatian Olympic Committee to the deserving sports individuals at the local level is to be singled out, and this year’s ceremony is scheduled to take place on 2 June in Zagreb. Proposals on financing a total of 14 program requirements for six special programs for the promotion and development of sports at the local level have also been accepted: Choose sports - promoting the fundamental principles of Olympism; Development of women's sports in the local environment, Promoting sports and Olympism aimed at preserving health and encouraging health tourism in local environments, Promotion of Olympism at the local level, International Olympic Day and Croatian Olympic Day. Amendments to the Regulations on Categorization of Athletes (concerning Body Building, Sailing, Tennis and Ice Hockey) were also accepted, as well as the rules of certain development programs. The beneficiary of the Development Program I from 1 May will be sports climber Anja Santini Mikulić. The Croatian Olympic Hopes Program from 1 April includes: Noa Ježek, Nikolina Čačić and Deni Alagić (Boxing) and Bruna Duvančić, Nika Kolarek, Paula Antunović and Ivana Duvančić (Taekwondo). Judoka Marko Kumrić transferred from Development Program III to the Olympic Program Paris 2024. Marko Sertić (Ice Hockey) with the status of coach for the development of a particular sport will be included in the Coaches' Co-financing Program from 1 May, while the again active player Igor Vori’s status of coach of the younger age categories (from 31 March) has been "frozen". The most news comes from water polo - Zoran Bajić changes his status as coach of the younger age categories to coach of team Olympic sports (from 1 April), while at the same time Ivan Asić (from 31 March) remains without this status. From 1 April Hrvoje Hrestak will also be included among the coaches of the younger age categories. At the XIX. Mediterranean Games in Oran, Algeria (25 June - 6 July), where 4,500 athletes from twenty-six countries are expected to participate, it is estimated that Croatia could compete with around 125 athletes in seventeen sports. The performances of the women's and men's teams in volleyball and handball are likely, and water polo players will likely be absent. The Croatian Olympic Committee’s Council gave a positive opinion for admission to the Croatian citizenship of two judokas - the Ukrainian Kristian Khokhlov (born in 2005) and Belarusian Mikita Sviryd (born in 1996). The Croatian Olympic Committee’s hospices won the International Beach Volleyball Tournament Jarun Cup 2022 (28 April - 1 May this year). The next (32nd) meeting of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Council is scheduled for 13 May. (NOC of Croatia/VK)