Zagreb, 28 September 2021 - The Japanese Embassy in the Republic of Croatia organized a reception for Croatian Olympians and Paralympians, participants in this year's Tokyo Olympics. On behalf of Olympians, the reception was attended by Josip Glasnović and Kristina Tomić, while the Paralympic delegation was represented by Mikela Ristoski and Ivan Katanušić.

They were accompanied by the Presidents of the Croatian Olympic Committee and Croatian Paralympic Committee Zlatko Mateša and Ratko Kovačić, State Secretary for Sports Tomislav Družak with Adviser to Minister of Tourism and Sports Josip Pavić, Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee Siniša Krajač, Head of Mission at the Tokyo Olympics Damir Šegota, President of the Croatian Karate Federation Davor Cipek and Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology Tomislav Krističević. Directors of Toyota, the main Olympic and Paralympic mobility partner - Kensuke Tsuchiya (Toyota Adria) and Krešimir Bago (Toyota Croatia) - attended the reception as special guests.

Japanese Ambassador, Her Excellency Misako Kaji, congratulated the Olympians and Paralympians on their achievements at the Tokyo Olympics, and then Zlatko Mateša, Ratko Kovačić and Tomislav Družak thanked the City of Tokyo, the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games as well as Japanese citizens for brilliantly organized Olympics in almost impossible pandemic conditions. Of course, the Japanese Embassy in Croatia deserved a special thanks for its continuous support before and during the performance of our athletes in Tokyo.

Apart from the new "harvest" of medals, even a record one at the Paralympics, the Olympians and Paralympians present at the reception noted that Tokyo Olympics 2020 will remain in their special memory. (NOC of Croatia/VK)