Zagreb, 6 May 2021 - Siniša Krajač, Master of Kinesiology, is the new Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) in the mandate period 2021-2025. The Council of the Croatian Olympic Committee appointed Krajač, at its 13th session held in Zagreb in regular manner, to the position of the first operative of the National Olympic Association, based on the public competition in April.

The 52-year-old kinesiologist from Zagreb is a person who knows perfectly the structure of the Olympic Association, having served in several important r positions in the past two decades at the NOC of Croatia: Acting Director of the National Sports Federations Program Office (2004-2007), Head of the Research and Development Program Enhancement Department in two terms (2001-2004 and 2007-2010) and came to his current position as Assistant Secretary General for Local Sports Programs Office.

Krajač came to the Croatian Olympic Committee in 2001 from the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia, namely from the Sports Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia. Prior to that, he was employed by the Ministry of Defense as Head of the Verification Department and Head of analytics at the Security and Information Service. As a student, he worked at the football school of NK Lokomotiva, where he himself grew up in sport spirit under the guidance of the legendary coach Ilija Lončarević.

But soon he was forced to put sport on the back burner. When Croatia was attacked by armed force, along with professors Kuleš and Marić and together with his faculty colleague Koletić, he was one of the founders of the “volunteer unit for special assignments of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia”, later on called the MIG. After a while, this same unit was joined  to the composition of the ALFA Special Police Unit, in which - as a reserve and active special forces officer, Krajač underwent numerous demanding war challenges, such as the liberation of barracks in Velika Buna and Belajske Poljice, the defence of the City of Pakrac or the holding the positions on Velebit.

Following the merits of the Homeland War, Siniša Krajač showed an exceptional sense of patriotism and self-sacrifice for people in need after the earthquake in Banovina. Together with representatives of the local community, he organized a fundraising for athletes and their families and sports associations from the area, and after the International Olympic Committee and EO            Cs joined his action, the first prefabricated multi-sports hall quickly appeared in Petrinja. He does not intend to stop there, in completing the planned renovation work in Banovina, he will certainly not be prevented by moving to a new position.

Siniša Krajač became the sixth Secretary General in the 30-year history of the Croatian Olympic Committee. He succeeded the longest-serving COC’s Secretary General Josip Čop (from 2004 until today). Other predecessors were: Slavko Podgorelec (1991-2000), Andrija Mijačika (2001-2002), Josip Guberina (2002) and Ivica Miočić Stošić (2002-2004).