Zagreb, 4 April 2020 - Sports television celebrates its round anniversary - a decade of existence! Exactly ten years ago (4 April 2011), the currently most watched sports channel in Croatia appeared on the air.

The mission of SPTV is to encourage the entire Croatian sport, from the state to the local level, especially non-commercial sports. Promoting sports and the spirit of Olympism and all that sport means – from healthy living to professional and top sports at the highest levels, SPTV broadcasts continuously 24 hours a day for more than 3600 days.

As a television with national concession and signal coverage in more than 90 percent of the state
territory, Sports Television confirmed its socially responsible role last year, by making its capacities available to the Government of the Republic of Croatia for the purposes of online teaching of students who, due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), were unable to attend school.

SPTV is 100% owned by the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO), and was created with the support of national sports federations, the National Council for Sport, the Croatian Olympians Club and the entire sports community. Along with France's National Sports Channel, SPTV is the only specialized national sports TV channel in the world owned by a national Olympic Committee.

We congratulate the SPTV leadership and all employees and associates on the 10th birthday of Sports Television!