Zagreb, 23 February 2021 – Since, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the competitions in many sports are taking place, the NOC of Croatia (HOO) continues its International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) campaign on prevention of manipulation of sport competitions through its websites and social networks. In the beginning of July 2020, the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Assembly verified the previously adopted decision of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Council and unanimously accepted the Ordinance on preventing manipulation of sports competitions. All activities will be carried out under the slogan Be true, be you. Believe in sport!


As athletes, coaches and officials are the target group of the campaign, the NOC of Croatia asks sports federations and clubs to help pass on educational materials to those for whom they are intended. Forward through your channels the educational video translated into Croatian, What is the manipulation  video link that talks about why people manipulate the competition and the leaflet Who would lose on purpose.
The video How I was asked to cheat and free mobile application BELIEVE IN SPORT are also intended for athletes.

For coaches and officials, in addition to all of the above, the following videos could be useful: What are the risks associated with sports betting and What is the role of role models?
It is important to note that the IOC has the IOC Integrity and Compliance Hotline, which athletes, coaches and officials can directly contact if they notice any form of competition manipulation.

All information on this topic is available on our website: Center for Rights in Sports.

We are kindly asking you to forward all these educational materials to the end addresses in order to further raise awareness of competition manipulation (tanking, match-fixing, cheating, illegal betting...) and encourage all participants to contact experts. Thus, we all contribute together to prevent the manipulation of competitions and get a cleaner sport.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation with the campaign slogan Be true, be you. Believe in sport! (NOC of Croatia)