Zagreb, November 17, 2020 - Olympic Solidarity of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) published the second, supplemented edition of the book ManagingOlympicSportOrganizations, abbrev. MOSO. In relation to the first edition from 2013, the book also contains a text on human resources management at the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC), as an example of management in times of crisis. At the request of the International Olympic Committee, the text on COC management practices was written by the Croatian Olympic Committee’s European Union Programs; Funds and EU Program Coordinator Alma Papić.

MOSO is a practical manual used for an advanced level of education of sports professionals and volunteers in the field of sports management. The target user groups are secretaries-general, presidents, directors and other top positioned figures at national Olympic committees and national sports federations of countries from all around the world.

- By publishing the text on the Croatian Olympic Committee, the International Olympic Committee acknowledged not only the efforts made by the COC in terms of education in the field of sports management, but also the Croatian Olympic Committee as a whole, and especially its leadership, which has shown that it knows and can manage such a complex organization in times of crisis. By chance, the publication of the book coincided with a new crisis, linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, for which we hope that it won’t have the same effects as the world economic crisis of 2007 and 2008 – said Alma Papić in her message.

The book Managing Olympic Sport Organizations is published in English, French and Spanish.