Zagreb, 9 August 2020 - The only Croatian sports daily - Sportske novosti (SN), is marking its 75th anniversary. They started publishing as Ilustrirane fizkulturne novine on 9 August 1945, continued as Narodni sport in December of the same year and since 1 March 1962 they are published under today's very recognizable name in the world of media.

In addition to the 75th anniversary, SN also honored the readers with Gold magazine, a special edition (SN) of 148 pages that brings stories about 75 top successes of Croatian sports.

Congratulations in the form of a foreword to the special edition also came from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The leader of Olympic movement Thomas Bach said that SN can be proud of its commitment to sports and the passion with which it reports about all sports events, especially “in bringing the magic of the Olympics to its readers”. Of course, as a top connoisseur of sports, Bach also emphasized the excellence of small Croatia in sports achievements on the world map.

The President of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) Zlatko Mateša pointed out in his congratulatory message that Sportske novosti is a true sports medium, quoting the legendary saying of journalist and editor of SN Zvone Mornar: "If you want to be in sports journalism, first you must love sports, then journalism , and – as the third - work at the Sportske novosti!" The message of the Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia Nikolina Brnjac in the anniversary supplement of the SN is also very significant: "There are no pages that reflect more pride, happiness and satisfaction."

In addition to dignitaries from the world of sports, as many as 68 top Croatian athletes and coaches participated in the creation of the praiseworthy festive edition of SN.

Croatian Olympic Committee wishes Sportske Novosti, the long-term partner in the promotion of sports and Olympism, longevity in publishing, while maintaining quality in terms of content and increasing edition in the market segment! (COC/VK)