Zagreb, February 27th, 2020 - The 54th session of the Croatian Olympic Committee's Assembly was held at the Zagreb's hotel Panorama, and it began with a solemn act. Croatian Olympic Committee's President Zlatko Mateša presented the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) Trophy “Sports and Sustainable Architecture” 2019 to Krešimir Ivaniš, a great contributor to the development and maintenance of sports infrastructure in Croatia. Born in Karlovac, a student and teacher in Zagreb at the Faculty of Architecture left a deep mark on sports construction throughout the Republic of Croatia. He is the founder and long-time leader of the Croatian Olympic Committee's Sports Construction and Environment Commission and for a four-year term he was also a member of the EOCs Commission of the same name.


After the solemn part, the members of the Assembly approved the Croatian Olympic Committee's Program and Financial Report of for 2019, supported by the positive report of the Supervisory Board on performed audit of the Croatian Olympic Committee's activity and material and financial operations in the last year. Likewise, the proposal for amendments to the COC's Financial Plan for 2020, reduced by 1.4 million HRK to the current budget amount of HRK 193.9 million was accepted as well. As the regular annual appropriations of national sports federations and COC development programs for athletes and coaches have not been altered in the reduced items, this agenda item has been unanimously accepted. The dynamics of the inflow of funds into the Olympic Committee in the Olympic Year 2020 is also orderly, and so is the January report.


After the Aassembly confirmed the admission of new members to the Croatian Olympic Committee, the Croatian Olympic Family is richer by three members - the Croatian Darts Federation has been admitted to full membership, and the Croatian Padel Federation and the Croatian Go Federation have become temporary members. With 139 clubs in the Republic of Croatia, darts have knocked on the door of the Croatian Olympic family, but their obstacle was the membership in an unrecognized world federation. Padel (a tennis-related sport) in Croatia was promoted by football players Robert Prosinečki and Janko Janković, with the opening of the first padel center - in Zagreb in early 2016. It is in constant expansion, as is go (chess-like thought sports), but their federations are currently in temporary membership because it is a developing sports, foreseen for further follow-up by the COC.

The next COCAssembly is scheduled to take place in early July in Zagreb. (COC/VK)