Rome, February 14th 2020 - The formation of the European Olympic Committee's(EOCs) forming of the working group for strengthening the relations with the European Union (EU) has been confirmed at the headquarters of the European Olympic Committees (EOCs) in Rome. The three-member working body consistsof EOCs Vice President Niels Nygaard and members of the EOCs Executive Board Spyros Capralos and Zlatko Mateša. The President of the COC Mateša was also appointed the Head of the group.


The main task of the working group is conclusion of agreements with the EU in order to better represent the interests of the Olympic Movement, in accordance with the agreement reached by UEFA by identifying and setting the ways of cooperation with the various EU and Council of Europe constituents. It is especially important to raise awareness on the existence, ie. holding the European Youth Olypic Festivals (EYOF) and European Games (EG), as well as raising awareness on the goals of the European Olympic Movement, while building synergies with the MEPs. Similarly, the working group will examine the ways of EOCsinvolvement in communication between the International Olympic Committee and the European Union regarding the Rule 40.

The letter signed by the EOCsPresident Janez Kocijančič and EOCs Secretary General Raffaele Pagnozzi indicated that the EOCs headquarters would be available to the working party in the future for all the necessary logistics. (EOC/COC/hb)