Zagreb, July 5, 2019 - Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) Josip Čop and Assistant Secretary General for Olympic Program Damir Šegota prepared a reception for a four-day delegation of the Japanese city of Kagawa, that is, the Japanese prefecture of the same name. Thereafter, HOO was visited by the members of the leading body of Kagawa Prefecture (from the government departments for promotion, planning and marketing): Shinike Shinji, Ishihara Yoichi and Hiroshi Hayashi and Kono Saki from the Prefecture Promotion Department . Since the subject of the talks was the stay of Croatian athletes in Kagawa for preparations before the Tokyo Olympics in Tokyo, the delegation was accompanied by the Coach Licensing Secretary of the Croatian Athletic Federation (HAS) Bruno Erent.


Croatian Olympic Committee’s Secretary General presented to the guests the organization of the Croatian Olympic Association and expressed his support to the cooperation between the HAS and the Japanese friends, similar to the cooperation with the city of Tokamachi. Namely, the city-friend of Tokamachi will host the Croatian Martial arts (judo, karate and taekwondo) as well as shooters and cyclists during their preparations for the Tokyo Olympics.


Guests from the smallest Japanese prefecture of Kagawa showed the photos of the stadium and the accompanying infrastructure where the preparations of the Croatian athletes will take place, and in the end they were very curious-how can Croatia with only four million inhabitants have such successful athletes?


They expressed satisfaction with the fact that they would host Croatian athletes from Rio 2016, who have brought home two gold and one bronze Olympic medal and wished them a warm welcome to Kagawa, although the exact term of preparations of our athletic Olympic hopes has not been defined yet. Croatian Olympic Committee’s contact person for cooperation with the Japanese friends from Tokamachi and Kagawa will be the Head of Croatian Olympic Committee’s Olympic Program Damir Šegota. (COC/VK)