Mraclin, July 9, 2019 - A celebration on the occasion of 20th anniversary of publication of the Olimp magazine – whose founder and publisher is the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) was held in the picturesque Mraclin, a settlement belonging to Velika Gorica. The celebration – whose host was the Mraclin Football club - was attended by numerous former and current associates of Olimp, representatives of the Velika Gorica City Council, Mraclin Local Committee and local associations, as well as the HOO staff, led by its Heads Zlatko Mateša and Josip Čop and Assistant Secretary General for sports programs at the local level Siniša Krajač.


The anniversary of the magazine Olimp was also attended by the HOO’s first Secretary General Slavko Podgorelec, another witness  of the founding times of the national Olympic Association Marinko Šišak and the legendary photo reporter bard Radiša Mladenović.
Olimp’s Editor-in-Chief Ante Drpić talked about the beginnings of Olimp and about his two decades long period of continuous publication of an exceptionally high quality and interesting sports readings. He expressed a special thanks to Radica Jurkin and Tajana Obradović from HOO’s Communications and Multimedia Department for twenty-years-long  dedication and commitment. He also mentioned the close links of Olimp to the Velika Gorica area, from which for the longevity of the magazine very deserving authors Ana Popovčić and Ratko Cvetnić – also the initiator of the celebration in Mraclin – originate.  with the great Mountain end, from which they originate, for the longevity of the magazine, the very responsible authors Ana Popovčić and Ratko Cvetnić, who was also the initiator of the celebration in the dairy. As a "deliberate coincidence" Drpić cited the Olympic Legends section in Olimp’s celebratory edition, whose guest was the football Olympian, "Turopoljski top" (Turopolje cannon) Stjepan Deverić.


The celebration was enhanced  by the appearance of the female choir of KUD Dučec, leaving the impression that the choir members, together with the members of the association Udruga žena  A. Lovreković, mostly contributed to the Turopolje celebration that ended in Mraclin along with the tamburitza music. (COC/VK)