Baku, July 21, 2019 - At the Olympic Stadium in Baku the XV European Youth Summer Olympic Festival (EYOF) was solemnly opened, which will feature around 3600 young female and male athletes from 50 countries of the old continent during seven competing days. Among them, there will be 54 Croatian representatives in nine (out of ten) sports. The spectacle marked by song, dance, light effects, fireworks and folklore tradition of Azerbaijan was participated by around forty Croatian female and male athletes, coaches and accompanying staff, led in the solemn parade by the flag bearer, judoka Ana Viktorija Puljiz.


In addition to the Opening Ceremony of the Games, Sunday will be remembered as the first day of competing. It will be especially well remembered by a host who, with four won medals, reached the top of the medal-winning countries. Unfortunately, Croatian representatives in tennis will not remember the first day of competing. Noa Vukadin was defeated by Turk Togan with 2-6, 1-6, Nora Knežević by Germany 's Steur with 1-6, 1-6, Patrik Jurina by Estonian Sillaste with 5-7, 2-6, while Tena Rajki will have her debut match on Monday. New day brings individual matches of the second round, but also the continuation of the group playoff in Pairs. Of course, there are competitions in other sports, there will be medals in Athletics, Swimming and Wrestling. In the evening, the Croatian basketball players have a serious test with the French, while the handball players – after a free Monday – shall  the traditionally strong French team awaits our handball players on Tuesday, the handball players - after a free Monday – are looking towards the fight against the traditionally strong French on Tuesday. (COC/VK)