Baku, July 27, 2019 -In the capital of Azerbaijan the XV European Youth Summer Olympic Festival (EYOF) ended. The Closing Ceremony of the Games was held in the crowded Baku’s Crystal Hall, and the entire program was aimed at entertainment and relaxation of European sports youth (between 14 and 18 years) after one-week competition challenges in 10 sports. The host organized a several-hours-long musical spectacle, in which six prestigious musicians participated, and finally the DJ, with whom the Ceremony ended. During the Ceremony, the flag of the European Olympic Committees (EOCs) was handed over to Ján Nosko, the Mayor of the Slovak city of Banská Bystrica, the host of the XVI edition of the Summer EYOF 2021.


The organizers of the newly completed EYOF in Baku received high grades from the representatives of the European Olympic Committees. EOCs Vice President Niels Nygaard pointed out three segments that deserve a special praise - world class facilities, around 3500 extremely useful and friendly volunteers and the Olympic Culture and Education Program.


- Congratulations and sincere thank to the hosts for excellently organized European Youth Summer Olympic Festival. We could notice that young European athletes felt well in Baku and had the opportunity to perform at a high level. Well-done prerequisites for all sports resulted in very good results. Successfully implemented the Olympic Culture and Education Program in local schools was a very valuable experience. The cooperation of schools in Baku with schools in all other European countries that participated at EYOF, made it a true youth festival - said the EOCs Vice President Nygaard.


Around 2700 male and female athletes (48 percent of female athletes!) from 48 European countries competed in ten sports disciplines in Baku 2019. The top medal-winning-country is Russia, followed by the UK and Turkey. The host of Azerbaijan ended up in the impressive 4th place, resulting in the satisfaction of its officials. Male and female athletes from 38 countries won at least one medal in Baku 2019. Among them is Croatia – in a very respectable 13th place, with four gold medals (two won by swimmer Franko Grgić and one by  Ana Victoria Puljiz and the handball team) and silver judoka Katarina Krišto, who was our flag bearer at the Closing Ceremony. (COC/VK)