Zagreb, June 7, 2019 - The world premiere of the documentary movie "Croatian Sports Legends - 120 years of Croatian Sports" was held in Cinestar’s completely full hall at Zagreb shopping mall Branimir Center. The famous Croatian director Jakov Sedlar with his associates, screenwriter Nina Škrabe and producer Anton Kikaše, summed up in this film our trophy and glorious sports history - from Olympic bronze of swordsman Milan Neralić at the Paris Olympics 1900 to last year's spectacular world silver of Croatian football players and our tennis players – winners of the World Champions title.

This movie also features talks of numerous successful Croatian male and female athletes (Luka Modrić, Sandra Perković, Goran Ivanišević, Ivano Balić, Stojko Vranković...) or creators of great success (Zlatko Dalić, Ćiro Blažević...). None of the trophy-winning male and female athletes got forgotten in listing of facts by sports, while the beginning and ending of the movie is marked by the unforgettable last year’s team successes as a sort of announcement of future sports successes.

After the premiere in Zagreb, the documentary movie "Croatian Sports Legends - 120 years of Croatian Sports" was also shown in Osijek (Cinema Urania, June 7). It was also a reminder of the great Dražen Petrović, whom the Croatian sports has lost on the same day 26 years ago in a tragic car accident in Germany.

The promotion of the praised Sedlar’s movie will continue in numerous Croats-living destinations - from Canada to Australia. (CNOC/VK)