Zagreb, May 17, 2019 - Croatian sports officials are often elected to the governing bodies or important committees of European and World associations and this is often the case also with kinesiologists or physicians, who are – besides their professional involvement – also active in sports or recreation. By a recent decision of the Executive Board of the European Association "Sport for all" (EFCS) brought at its session in Paris, Croatian representative Zdenko Šipić was appointed President of the EFCS Health Commission.

- Appointment of Zdenko Šipić to this high duty in the European association "Sport for All" is also an acknowledgement to the Croatian Federation for Sports Recreation "Sport for all" because Mr. Šipić is the President of Health Commission of the Croatian Federation for Sports Recreation “Sport for all” – stands on the official website of this national federation.

Likewise, a belief is pointed out that with his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm Šipić will contribute to improving the health of citizens through sports and recreation programs, and thus the quality of their life in modern society as well.

Croatian Olympic Committee congratulates Zdenko Šipić on appointment to the head position of the Health Commission of the European Association "Sport for all"! (cnoc/vk)