Zagreb, March 20, 2019 - For the purpose of preserving the tangible heritage from the rich history of the Croatian sports, the Croatian NOC's Library was officially opened in Zagreb. It took a year and a half from the idea to the realization of the project, with national sports federations, county sports communities, city sports associations and numerous individuals as donators of books, magazines and valuable documents, along with the Croatian NOC.

On the day of official opening, the Library counts 1882 copies of sports books, 1030 unique titles, 919 copies of serial publications, 255 own editions of the Croatian NOC, 81 copies of sports biographies and numerous authors’ works.

 - I see this Library in the future as a multimedia center in which not only books and magazines will be kept and processed, but also other media records from the past of Croatian sports and signing a Cooperation Agreement between the Croatian NOC and the Croatian Sports Museum on projects for preserving the library and museum materials on sports and Olympism will enable creating the conditions for each and every sports event in Croatia to be available to all interested parties - said President of the Croatian NOC Zlatko Mateša at the Opening Ceremony of the Library. 

The Croatian NOC’s Secretary General Josip Čop thanked all the associates who managed to implement the Sports Library Project from the initial initiative.

 - I am convinced that many members of the Croatian sports system have been delighted with the idea of ​​the Sports Library, which they have further confirmed by donations of valuable books. Those who know that they have something worthy of leaving to the future generations can still find places for those items on the shelves of this Library – says the message of the Croatian NOC’s Secretary General Josip Čop, who signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Director of the Croatian Sports Museum Danira Bilić in the field of ​​library and museum materials related to sports and Olympism. –

"Owing to this Agreement, we have already received a few rare items and documents from our nearer Olympic history, which will be professionally processed and permanently kept at the Croatian Sports Museum and accessible to visitors, as well as to researchers of sports history", said Danira Bilić.

- Head of the Croatian NOC’s Publishing, Public Relations and Web Department Radica Jurkin emphasized that the Library encompasses 33 sports, Olympic Games and other multi-sports events, international sport and Olympic ideas, sports history, occasional and periodicals  of national sports federations, county sports communities, associations and clubs.
- With the motto "With Knowledge to Sports Excellence" we wanted to emphasize our aspiration to make each and every sports edition in the Republic of Croatia accessible and visible, to make the search for sport books easier and to provide every athlete, sports official or sports historian with a space and platform for research, information and education – highlighted Ms. Jurkin.

Former European Champion in Horizontal Bar gymnast Mario Možnik, recalled  that, when searching for certain achievements in sports gymnastics, he started  exactly at the location of future Croatian NOC’s Library and continued it at the Faculty of Kinesiology, where he also received his doctorate. Right after his research of sports books at the Croatian NOC, the idea of ​​creating this Library was launched.

- I did not even know that my research on gymnastic achievements contributed to the development of the idea of ​​opening the Croatian NOC’s Library, but I am glad that now, besides the well-equipped library at the Faculty of Kinesiology, there is another sports library in which every author, publisher or sport federation will have a guaranteed place for their sports editions - said Možnik.

At the end of the Ceremony, the Head of the Library of the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Zagreb Marijana Briški Gudelj symbolically presented Radica Jurkin several books from the library's materials, announcing thus the establishment of cooperation between the two "sports libraries". (coc/cna/vk)