Zagreb, March 20, 2019 - Vice President of the Croatian NOC and President of the Croatian Gender Equality in Sport Commission Morana Paliković Gruden is the European winner of the International Olympic Committee’s Women and Sport Trophy. The awarding ceremony was held in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday at the United Nations building in New York and this year's World Award winner is Po Chun Liu, the first baseball judge in the Chinese city of Taipei.

Besides the Croatian NOC Vice President, as the winner from Europe, at the ceremony in New York the awards were also presented to Djatougbe Noameshie, Vice President of the Togo (Africa) NOC’s and Volleyball Federation, the “Women and Sports Committee” of the Costa Rican NOC (America), member of the Oman NOC’s Committee and Director of Women's Sports Department at the Ministry of Sports Affairs Oman (Asia) Saada Salim Al -Imali and the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation (Oceania).

In addition to numerous duties in the Croatian NOC (Vice President, member of Croatian NOC’s Council, President of Winter Sports Committee of the Croatian NOC’s Assembly), Morana Paliković Gruden is also the President of the Croatian Skating Federation (since 2004) and member of the European Commission for Gender Equality in Sport. Since 2005, she is the Head of the Croatian NOC’s Commission for Gender Equality in Sport and under her leadership, the Commission acts proactively with the aim of promoting and improving gender equality in sport and increasing the proportion of women at leading positions in national and sports associations at the local level. She is also constantly working on creating the preconditions for equal opportunities for women in education and improving the existing legislative framework of this area. On the proposal of the Commission, the Croatian NOC launched a national expert education project for women in sports.

The strategic document of National Policy for Gender Equality (2011-2015), which incorporates a chapter with action plans and concrete measures for improving the position of women in sports, represents a significant achievement of the Commission under her leadership.  A special campaign is dedicated to the position of women's teams in team sports, putting emphasis on the promotion of these sports in the electronic media and society in general. With this aim in March 2018 the Croatian NOC, Gender Equality Office of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Agency for Electronic Media and the Central State Office for Sports signed an Agreement on cooperation in the project "For Greater Visibility of Women's Sports in Electronic Media".

Under the leadership of Paliković Gruden, the Commission established the Network of Female Coordinators in National Sports Federations and County Sports Communities, which today constitutes an important link with issues of women in sports. With the help of expert and humanistic knowledge and in cooperation with Women's Studies, the media and participation in Croatian and international thematic meetings, the Commission keeps pace with the global demand of strengthening the role of women in the society and sports.
Besides the IOC’s Women and Sport Trophy, Morana Palikovic Gruden was also presented the highest European Olympic Committees’ (EOC) Award 2015 and Special Award for Outstanding Contribution and Merit in the Work on Gender Equality in Sport on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the work of the Gender Equality in Sport Commission.
The Croatian NOC congratulates its Vice President on the new prestigious award! (coc/to)