Zagreb, February 9, 2019 - The Croatian NOC (HOO) published its press release in which the President of the Croatian NOC Zlatko Mateša reacted on a Saturday’s incident at Split's waterfront, when the water polo players of Belgrade’s Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) were attacked. "In the name of the Croatian Olympic Committee and the entire Croatian Sports Family I strongly condemn this hooligan act that has nothing to do with sports. The attack on athletes from other country, who have only come to fulfill their club's obligations, does not belong into the same sentence as Split, which we call 'the most sporty city in the world'.

It is now a time for the relevant state authorities and institutions to rigorously enforce legal acts against hooliganism in and around sports because such scenes cast a huge stain on Croatia as a world-renowned sports and tourist destination, says the communique of the Croatian NOC.