Lisbon, 18 December 2018. - Yesterday the National Olympic Committee of Portugal has closed a successfully organised meeting of partner organisations on the European project entitled "Investments in Sport" (iSport).
The meeting was held on 17 December 2018 at the facilities of the Pousada Hotel in Lisboa, Portugal. The National Olympic Committee of Portugal was represented by the NOC Research and Project Office Director Rita Nunes, and the meeting was led by the iSport lead researcher Guenther Grohall, representative of the SportsEconAustria Institute for Sport Economy, and one of the most prominent researchers in the field.

The meeting was organised to present and discuss the results of the research and to review the draft version of the Guidelines on investments in sport.

The Guidelines on investments in sport will be further developed and discussed with the policy-makers in participating EU Member States: Croatia, Austria, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Upon the completion of the first phase of the development of the Guidelines on investments in sport, partner organisations are going to organise national conferences as a platform for opening a dialogue between the policy makers and the key stakeholders in sport. The aim of the conferences is to promote a better recognition of the contribution of sport to the overall goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy given the sector's strong potential to contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and new jobs, and considering its positive effects on social inclusion, education and training as well as public health and active ageing.

The SportsEconAustria Institute for Sport Economy is going to host the first of seven conferences. It will be held on 5 March 2019 in Vienna, Austria. For more information, follow our website.