Vienna, 6 March 2019. - The SportsEconAustria Institute for Sport Economy hosted the workshop for researchers participating in the development of the study on the economic impact of an investment in sport. The study is carried out within the project entitled "Investments in sport" (iSport), which was co-funded by the Erasmus+: Sport Programme of the European Union.

The workshop was held on the 5th of March at the headquarters of the SportsEconAustria Institute for Sport Economy in Vienna, Austria. It was organised by the leading European experts in the field of sport economy Anna Kleissner and Guenther Grohall who presented the first draft of the guidelines on research methodology and trained the researchers for the next steps in the development of the study. Participants of the workshop were representatives of partner organisations in the iSport project.

Upon the completion of the training, research will begin with the collection of data on investments in sport in 7 EU Member States: Croatia, Austria, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal and the United Kingdom.