Požega, January 15, 2019 - The cooperation of the Croatian NOC (HOO) and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia (MORH) on the inclusion of top athletes through the contract reservists within the Armed Forces received a new practical prelude. The education of the sixth generation of top athletes on voluntary military training started at the Center for Basic Training of the Croatian Terrestrial Army in the centre of the "123rd Brigade of the HV (Croatian Army)" in Požega,. There were 11 of planned 16 athletes-privates that responded to the roll out.

The announcement of the MORH’s Independent Public Relations and Publishing Department stated that the service began with acceptance and signing of the MORH’s voluntary military training contract and in this generation of contingent athletes a total of nine male and two female privates was accepted. They come from seven sports: taekwondo, wrestling, gymnastics, boxing, judo, karate and shooting and their training will last 40 working days, that is, eight weeks. According to the MORH’s announcement, the program contents are divided into program areas and the training is split into two periods. At the suggestion of the Croatian Olympic Committee and based on the Agreement on Cooperation, Improvement and Development of Sports in the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia concludes with top athletes a contract on reserve military service in the OSRH (Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia). Following the said, these top male and female athletes started the training in Požega: Lovre Brečić, Iva Radoš and Kristina Tomić (taekwondo), Dominik Družeta (judo), Toni Filipi and Marko Milun (boxing), Ivan Huklek and Ivan Lizatović (wrestling), Miran Maričić (shooting), Ivan Kvesić (karate) and Robert Seligman (gymnastics).

The top athletes will spend the first part of the training in the barracks of the "123rd Brigade of the HV "in Požega and the remaining part in their own Federations and clubs. The first part of the training includes tasks from the following program areas: personal weapon handling, movement, communication, defense, battlefield reaction, military service and exercise. This period ends with a solemn oath on January 25, 2018. The second part of the training lasts for twenty-eight days, during which the privates-top athletes are allowed to participate in trainings and sports competitions. Upon successful completion of voluntary military training, top male and female athletes will sign with the Ministry of Defense a contract on reserve military service, says the announcement of the Croatian Ministry of Defense.

For this contingent of top athletes – future military reservists, the Croatian Olympic Committee has also proposed Stipe Žunić (athletics), Tin Srbić (gymnastics), Matej Vidović and Elijas Kolega (skiing) and Mihovil Fantela (sailing). (coc/hina/vk)