Zagreb, November 28th, 2018 - Most of 200 young coaches and sports workers who applied for participation, attended the two-day Annual Congress of Coaches organized by the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) at the Zagreb hotel Panorama.

One of the best world rowing coach Nikola Bralić and his “golden” national rowing team members Martin and Valent Sinković talked about the motivation of top athletes for achieving top results. In addition to the interactive workshops, the first day of the Conference focused on discussion on the topic "Top Coach - expert, visionary or something else", with the participation of Lino Červar, Zlatko Dalić, Ivica Tucak, Nikola Bralić, Edo Fantela and Mladen Katalinić. Červar has gloriously demonstrated the features of a top coach: competence, the ability of conceptual leader-ideological leader - mastermind to transfer the vision to athletes, personality, readiness for continuous training-improvement and curiosity of a child, vision, empathy and social intelligence, creativity and introduction of an interactive work model in which the athlete is a subject, possessing the courage code.

Edo Fantela, the coach and father of world sailing champions – the Fantela brothers, said that "a long-distance coach must have the answers to all the problems and be of help to all". Football Head Coach Zlatko Dalić added that the coach must be a complete, reasonable and strong person and psychologist. He expressed his regret for the poor status of coaches of younger players who "produce players while they are the worst paid ones". Water polo Head Coach Ivica Tucak added that the top coach must be a visionary and above all - a man, while athletic expert Mladen Katalinić said that the coach, along with all the knowledge and expertise, must also be an artist. The world's best rowing coach Nikola Bralić acknowledged the most part of Červar's coach features, highlighting the expertise and human approach to athletes, deprived of authoritativeness.

Three of the former deans of the Faculty of Kinesiology opened the second day of Congress with interesting lectures. Dragan Milanović talked about "Profession and expertise of coaches and other staff as a fundamental factor of safety and success in sports" and Igor Jukić talked about " New Technologies and their Application in the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries". "The shortest possible period form athletes’ testing to their training program" was presented by Damir Knjaz.

The present young coaches and sports officials have received a wealth of useful information, applicable in the overall spectrum of sports. Of course, besides the importance of the role and expertise of our coaches, the importance of regulating their status in the Croatian sports system has been highlighted as well. There were three interactive workshops in which water polo Head Coach Ivica Tucak presented "An Integral Approach in the Preparation of Water Polo Players for Large Competition", Hrvoje Sertić pointed out to "The importance of martial arts for the complete development of children and youth" and Marijo Možnik and Tigran Gorički reminded of "Factors of success of Croatian sports gymnastics ".

To the thematic question of the Congress - what should be a top coach like, Ivica Tucak responded specifically: - The coach must be, above all, visionary and then everything else. I must have a vision how to win gold in Tokyo in two years and if I do not have it - in that case, we have no chance of winning it at all. (hoo/vk)