Lausanne, August 8, 2018 - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced on Wednesday the news on composition of the IOC commissions for 2018. The emphasis is on progress in the fight for gender equality.

As compared to last year, women will now occupy 30 more places in the IOC's committees (commissions), reflecting a true commitment of the World Olympic Association to improve gender equality at all the levels of sports. A total of 42.7 percent of positions in the 26 IOC's commissions will now be held by women, which is a historically high percentage of women's representation. It also represents an increase in women's participation of 16.8 percent compared to 2017 and an improvement of as much as 98 percent compared to the status five years ago. The changes in the composition of the IOC’s commissions include an increase in the number of male and female members from Africa and Oceania.
IOC President Thomas Bach was pleased to say:
- The IOC continues increasing the percentage of women participating in their work as well as geographical representation at all the levels of the Olympic Movement. Over the past few years we have achieved a significant progress and this trend will continue. Universality is in the centre of the Olympic Movement, this is the power that unites us all through diversity.

In addition to assisting the IOC and the organizing committees for the Olympic Games, the IOC committees are engaged in a series of activities throughout the year, contributing to building a better world through sports. Their work is supported by the Olympic Movement and helps in promoting progress in various areas such as the "Sport for All" development program, cooperation with public and private sports organizations in the service of humanity, fight against doping, promotion of sports ethics and fair play, environmental awareness; financial and educational support to developing countries and in many other areas.
This tendency of the IOC committees composition was one of the 40 recommendations of the Olympic Agenda2020, which was adopted at the IOC’s 127th Session in December 2014 in Monaco.
Due to the October Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, the meetings of the IOC's committees for 2018 meetings will be held exceptionally from January 14 to 20, 2019. (coc/vk)