Lausanne, July 20, 2018 – The Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) received nice news came from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters in Lausanne. Taekwondoka Nikita Glasnović, who decided to change her sports citizenship last year and - after her native Sweden - to perform for Croatia, officially gained the right to perform for Our Beautiful Homeland at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.

In a letter addressed to the President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša, among other things, it is stated that the Croatian Olympic Committee’s letter from 03 May 2018 on fulfillment of the conditions by the 23-year-old taekwondoka Nikita Glasnović, with request for performance for Croatia at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, was reviewed and forwarded to the IOC’s Executive Committee. In accordance with the terms of the Olympic Charter, the highest collective body of the international Olympism has positively solved the Croatian request, granting for Nikita Glasnović an exception from the rule of three-year-abstinence from representative performance in cases of sports citizenship change.

Former Swedish trophy-winning representative, last month’s winner of bronze medal for Croatia at the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, must now meet the Olympic standard for performance in Tokyo. Concerning her quality, it will be no surprise if she wins there a medal as well. (coc/vk)