Zagreb, June 5, 2018 – The President of the Croatian Olympic Committee and member of the European Olympic Committees’ Executive Board, Zlatko Mateša, was presented the award “Power brands – Hall of Fame” in London last weekend.

With this recognition, he was included in the exclusive club consisting of 10 most influential global social leaders in 2018 who, with great efforts in politics, economy, science, sports and entertainment, raised the awareness and promoted the ideas of equality in society.
The ceremony for selected laureates was held at the Hilton Kensington hotel and it was organized by the "Power Brands Global" for the 12th time as part of a summit of London International Forum for Equality (LIFE). In the explanation of the recognition it is stated that the former Croatian Prime Minister (1995-2000) has earned the status of a laureate due to his long-term constructive work in the Croatian society and national and international sports, whereby he encouraged many young people to engage in sports, enabling them to achieve more successful social integration as well Mateša’s contribution in fight for the purity of sports - through his activities as a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) Board – were emphasized as well.
Thanking for the prestigious acknowledgment with which, among others, the prominent media houses and institutions, such as the BBC or Oxford University can boast as well, Mateša announced the continuation of the fight against the greatest plague of modern sports - doping and the continuation of activities on the establishment of women's equality in sports, not only in participation at large sports events, but in sports management structures as well.
The ceremony at the Hilton Kensington Hotel was attended by a three-member delegation of the Croatian Embassy in London, led by Counselor for Economic Affairs Davorka Žanić Dražić. (COC/vk)