Zagreb, April 27, 2018 - The Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) and the Croatian Fair Play Committee (HFPO) officially put up the Luge Olympian Daria Obratov as a candidate for the prestigious Fair Play Award of the Old Continent – the European Fair Play Plaque of Merit and Diploma, awarded each year during the European Fair Play Movements’s autumn Congress.

Since the fair act of our luger – lending the luge to India’s Shiva Keshavan at the World Cup in Canada in the last month of 2017, it could not enter the electoral process for the last year.

Along with Daria's candidacy, the Croatian Olympic Committee and the Croatian Fair Play Committee enclosed a letter from the six-time Indian Olympian Keshavani and letters of support of the Croatian and International Luge Federation. What sort of fair play was made by Daria Obratov was given in details in the explanation of the candidacy signed by the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Secretary General Josip Čop and President of the Croatian Fair Play Committee Danira Bilić.

At the beginning of the Nation's Cup in Calgary, Canada, on December 7, 2017, Indian luger Shiva Keshavan (36) realized that he would not be able to compete due to break of his luge during his previous performance. Since this competition represented the Olympic qualification for Winter Olympics PyeongChang 2018, Keshavan had no other option but to give up competing, which could mean a farewell to the ambition to get the sixth performance at the Winter Olympics. But the depressed Indian luger was then approached by the Croatian luger Daria Obratov who offered him to use her luge for the performance. Although female luge is smaller and fairly inadequate for male lugers, Keshavan accepted the offer. He went down in Daria’s luge, took the 41st place in the competition of 43 athletes and the point he has won there helped him on his way to the sixth Olympic performance. Daria performed shortly after him and by lending the luge she directly jeopardized the fight for her first appearance at the Winter Olympics. She took the 25th place in the Nation’s Cup and later - in PyeongChang – she became the Olympic debutant. The successful outcome of a great fair play story is the proof that the Olympic spirit knows no boundaries, nationality and differences between the civilizations."

In January this year, Daria Obratov was also nominated for the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Fair Play Award, presented on the Great Day of Croatian Sport at the end of the year. (coc/vk)