Zagreb, April 4, 2018 – Seven years ago, the Sports Television (SPTV), owned by the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO), started its national broadcasting in terrestrial network.

By broadcasting in the 24/7/365 rhythm of under the slogan All Colors of Sports, SPTV has entered into Croatian homes as a free sports service, representing equally all Croatian sports, sports branches and disciplines. Of course, the athletes as well - from the top Olympians to the recreational and under-age anonymous athletes from the school halls.

From the premier direct broadcasting - basketball match between Sinj’s Alkar and Zadar, already on the first day of the SPTV's public broadcasting (April 4, 2011), the viewers had a chance to see around 1250 domestic and more than 1300 foreign sports events. Only during the last year, SPTV aired in Croatia 265 domestic and 100 foreign broadcastings of 59 sports and sports branches. The show Review of Croatian leagues follows on weekly level up to 27 league competitions in Our Beautiful Homeland. There are numerous and regular weekly shows, such as the Zdravko Reić’s talk show Istinom do gola (With truth to the goal) or the show Sport nedjeljom (Sports on Sunday), Svijet autosporta (The world of car racing), Školska liga (School league), etc..

SPTV has received praise and support of the European Olympic Committees (EOCs) for the World’s Best Coaches series, aired during 2016 and 2017, with successful continuation in 2018. These are short feature stories where our best coaches talk about working methods, secrets of the craft and experiences in coaching top athletes. Also, Sport Television has been supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the My Federation series, featuring individual national sports federations. The show began airing in 2017 and it was successfully continued this year. According to the SPTV Editor-in-chief Jura Ozmec, all the previous contents that received a positive feedback from the audience remains on the program, but SPTV is also in line with current trends, best seen in the show The Russian Mission, dedicated to the upcoming FIFA’s World Cup. (coc/vk)