Zagreb, January 27, 2018 - Under the slogan "Museums and Sport", this year's edition of the event Night of Museums began symbolically at the sports hall of the Zagreb Gymnastics Club (ZTD) Hrvatski sokol (Croatian hawk).
Even more symbolic was the appearance of the World Gymnastics Champion Tin Srbić in the sports hall where he was "laying foundations" for the greatest success of the Croatian gymnastics. The exhibition on the activity of the association Hrvatski sokol was held at the ZTD, which is actually a branch office of the Croatian Sports Museum, since recently headed by the agile Director Danira Bilić, who has presented – through a very inspirational speech - the richness of the sport's museum legacy. The opening of the Night of Museums was attended, among numerous officials and representatives from sports, culture and other social activities, led by Zvonko Kusić, Head of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU) and the Croatian Olympic Committee representatives - President Zlatko Mateša and Vice-President Morana Paliković Gruden.
Many other museums also gave "sports spirit" to this year's event, so the Croatian History Museum put the focus on the boxing match of legendary Mate Parlov and the Argentine Miguel Angelo Cuello that took place some forty years ago. Throughout the night, everybody could watch the said famous match on the video wall, while the museum walls featured newspaper articles from that time ...
The Night of Museums has clearly shown the importance of sports in the Croatian society to more than one hundred visitors through around one hundred museums and galleries throughout our Beautiful homeland. (coc/vk)