Zagreb, October 19, 2017 – Great Day of Croatian Sport, a traditional Croatian Olympic Committee's celebration at the end of another successful sports year, will be held on Wednesday, December 20th at the Crystal Hall of the Westin hotel in Zagreb, starting at 8 p.m..

The ceremony will mark the proclamation of the best Croatian female and male athletes (in five categories) and coaches for the year reaching its end, followed by most deserving ones being presented other recognitions such as the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Award Matija Ljubek for Lifetime Achievement. As every year, the recognition will be awarded to the greatest sports promoter(s) of Croatia in the world and this year the Croatian Olympic Committee has also got prize winners in the categories of sports ventures and media promotion of Croatian sports. In addition, the International Olympic Committee’s Trophy "Sport Beyond Borders" will be presented.
The celebration of the Great Day of Croatian Sport with selection of the best female and male athlete(s) can be followed at 8 o’clock in the direct broadcast on the 2nd channel of the Croatian Television (vk/coc).